Unique. Creative.
Passionate. Gutsy.


From the moment you interact with The Property Brand, you know there is something very different about us and the way in which we go about our business. We are a proudly unique and independent Real Estate Agents, with a firm foot in the digital space.

The Property Brand was born from a real desire to do something different in Real Estate. My intentions are simple, to deliver an amazing service to the Fraser Coast Community, while working with a bunch of passionate, gutsy and creative people.

What we are doing is challenging the status quo of the Real Estate Industry, while delivering a genuine and quality service that is truly reflective of a 21st Century agency.

Each home has its own unique aspects that makes it truly individual. We work with you to understand what is unique about your home and use that as the foundation to build a quality, high impact and creative brand that really makes your home stand out from the market.

In today’s world, where online marketing is so important you really need an agent that not only understands the property, but also has a firm grasp on the digital space.

We’re constantly looking for new and creative ways to make sure that each and every one of our campaigns is truly unique, to get the best results for our clients.

Our Values


Simply meeting the brief will not cut it for us. We’re always looking for a gutsy solution that pushes ourselves, our clients and the industry further. We live for creative, big ideas that disrupt the market, shift paradigms and better lives.

Our Values


Curious and ambitious, we go beyond, dig deeper, push boundaries and challenge the norm. We have an insatiable appetite to unlock powerful insights, secure new opportunities and create better solutions.

Our Values

A great brand can bring your property to the world.

We Believe

not all agents are created equal.

Our Values

good food & coffee makes the world a better place

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