Powerful, bold & gutsy marketing solutions as unique as your project.

When it comes to understanding the complex supply and demand paradigm of the property market, the property brand is unsurpassed. We can partner with you from the inception of your project to develop and implement an innovative, bold and highly targeted marketing strategy for your next project. We draw on years of experience working with some of Australia’s most prominent developers analysing property markets, identifying and developing high effective strategies that effectively propel our projects into the market place. Whether it is  small or large land subdivisions, townhouse or apartment complexes through to bespoke luxury residences, we have the experience, creativity and gutsy solutions to make your project perform.

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Market Research

Truly understanding your project’s position in the market is essential for a successful marketing strategy. We analyse the supply & demand curve of the Hervey Bay property market and its key market drivers. This provides a real understanding of your projects market value and to identify opportunity.

Target Market

In today’s digital age having a clearly defined and correctly identified target for your project’s marketing campaign is fundamental. We profile your project against the market to identify the key target market segments that are mostly suited to your product offering.
Powerful & targeted digital marketing is our thing!

Digital Strategy

The power of social media to deliver a highly targeted, cost effective and cohesive message is truly amazing, and we know exactly how to harness it! Our sophisticated and cleverly targeted digital marketing is key to attracting maximum interest in your project. The Property Brand team will tailor a marketing strategy aimed directly at the identified target demographics through platforms such as Facebook and other major social media sites.

Document Management

Efficient contract administration is crucial to ensuring your project’s sales transactions remain on track and all parties are kept up to date on any progress. These and other services like Rental appraisals for investors, depreciation schedules can all be arranged through our team and our network of property professionals.

Our Network

We have worked tirelessly to create an optimised network of distribution channels throughout Australia, so your project reaches active buyers in the market.

Campaign Analytics

We have the passion, experience, drive & unique know how to get the results you want for your next project. Set and forget is not what we do here at The Property Brand. We proactively monitor the performance of digital strategy and report where the best ROI is and advise where future marketing efforts are best focused.

Innovative, bold and gutsy solutions. 

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