Sell with confidence.


The big decision to sell

Making the decision to sell you property can be as much as an emotional decision as it is a financial one. If you are putting your property on the market, it’s crucial that all of the property owners are on the same page about the decision to sell. Second guessing your decision once the property is on the market can be quite costly in the way of lost opportunity and advertising dollars.

Knowledge is Power

Run your magnifying glass over the local market and see what prices similar properties are selling for. An agent can also help you with a market appraisal of your own property, but it’s important for you to do some of your own research. Remember to put your buyer’s hat on when selling. Thinking with your head and not with your heart can be tough when it’s your home, it’s only natural, but pricing your property correctly is so critical. An important thing to remember is you’ll actually get a better price by attracting more buyers because the price is ‘right’, and people may compete for it.

Handpicking an Agent

Finding a good agent is just not good enough in today’s market, finding an excellent agent is imperative. Choosing an agent is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a property seller. Do your homework, make sure your agent has a firm grasp on the workings of your local market and up to date strategies on how to market the property. Finally, it’s really important that you genuinely trust the agent you choose and they are a right fit for you and your needs.

Consider the

Be careful not to fall for free, misleading or generic advertising that is average. Each property is unique, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t effective when marketing a property in today’s world. In order to get the best price, you need as many people to be attracted to your property as possible. Showcasing your property’s unique selling points at their best without blowing the budget is so important. Some things are an absolute must, like professional photos and Floor plans. Consider all the available options and decide on the right strategy with the agent that your choose.


If you’re a home owner that’s selling, make sure you de-clutter your house before you start, this will increase the feeling of space in your home (and hey, less things to pack at the end of the day!). Give the house a good clean before inspections, as annoying as it is to keep up for the sales period, it’s best to have it looking as much like a display home as possible. We know that it can be tricky if you have little ones, just do your best, buyers do understand if it’s not perfect. If you’re an investor selling, make sure you have tenants that are co-operative and tidy during the sales process, otherwise it might be better waiting until they are gone before selling.

Pondering the
dotted line

It’s true, most of the time the 1st offer is the best offer. It usually works that way because the most motivated and ready buyers will flock to the property in the first two weeks. Don’t be surprised if you get a really good offer straight away. Sometimes it happens and then you won’t see that sort of offer again, so assess the situation and remember your research. The goal is to sell it for a really good price at any point in the campaign. Sometimes it takes 1 week, sometimes it takes 20 weeks but If you’ve got a great agent at the helm, it’s marketed well and priced right, you should see some really good offers within a reasonable time frame.

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